Wedding Gift Ideas - Coffee of the Month

You can also get other types of subscriptions such as a newspaper subscription or a membership to a coffee or tea of the month club. The best thing about this type of present is that he will get something delivered to him in the mail every month which most people simply love!

Tickets to Sports Game

You can get him tickets to his favorite team sporting event, and choose if you want to go with him, or if this doesn't interest you, he can go with a friend, or maybe even take one of your children, or in some cases, a grandchild along for the event.

Car Detailing Kit

If he is into things like detailing his car, you can get him either an at home detail kit, or a gift certificate to a local community detail shop, and have the job done by a professional. You could also maybe buy him new tires or something for his vehicle, if he really takes pride in it, and would actually make use of it. Some women go out and buy things for their sweethearts, and those gifts will sit in the closet or in the garage until it is either given away, or possibly even thrown away, because it is too late to return it to the store for a refund.

Personal Grooming Kit

If your sweetheart is in a profession, where his appearance is important, and he goes and gets regular haircuts, and maybe even beard or mustache trims, you could get him a personal grooming kit, a gift certificate to the hair dressers or barber shop or even a back wax or massage.

These are just a few ideas of Valentine's day presents for him, to keep in mind as we get closer and closer to the big day. When deciding what to get for your sweetheart, just make it something that comes from the heart, and know that it is the thought that counts.

Vacation season is upon us and it can be tempting to pull out the plastic. To enjoy a vacation that you are not paying for when the next vacation season rolls around, consider a plan that costs $1,000 or less and pay cash. You will no doubt enjoy your vacation more knowing that you will return home with only your memories and without credit card bills.

To save $1,000.00 in six months or three months you will need to save about $167.00 or $333.00 each month, respectively. If you are barely making ends meet savings $1,000.00 may seem impossible. It doesn't have to be; you can make it happen with a plan.

Start with your budget.

Write down all sources of income and every expense. You may be able to cut back on or eliminate spending outside of fixed expenses. o Health club memberships

o Rent rather than buy movies or go to the theater

o Rent cd's from the library rather than buy them

You can also save money by cutting back on your food budget. The Sunday paper offers an average of $225.00 in savings coupons each week. Plan your weekly menus according to what is on sale and in season.

Dry cleaning bills may also be a source for savings. best coffee in the world

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